Full Ship Management

Based on years of accumulated experiences and accredited to the highest industry standards, our ship management services are based on best practice and innovation.   With our expertise, competence, network and international reach, we aim to safely deliver operational performance at the most competitive price.

All vessels are managed based on the requirements of the ISM Code, MARPOL, flag state and class, in addition to any local content requirements, and the requirements of the Charterer and vessel owner.

Our tailored ship management services can include:

  • Health, Safety, Environment and Quality management;
  • Allocation of qualified and experienced management personnel;
  • Engagement of competent and qualified seafarers;
  • Asset protection/insurances, claims processing and risk management;
  • Accredited Safety Management System onboard;
  • Reliable fleet communications systems maintained;
  • Vessel registration, documentation and certification;
  • Constant monitoring in order to guarantee the conformity of all IMO and regulatory compliance.
  • Support onshore and offshore 24/7;
  • Quality Assurance management;
  • Plan and service dry dockings;
  • Annual Class Survey’s;
  • DP Trials and FMEA;
  • Regular operational reporting including cost analysis;
  • Planned and preventative maintenance system implementation and monitoring;
  • Continual assessment of vessel’s condition and safety equipment onboard;
  • Supply and restock of provisions, stores, parts, lubricating oils and other consumables;
  • Budgeting, budget control, financial forecasts and variance reports;
  • IT support by utilising in house IT professionals, experienced in the marine industry and the requirements for vessels working in remote offshore regions;
  • Waste management;
  • Hotel services;
  • Port services;
  • Importation / Exportation;
  • Local content requirements including industrial relations;
  • Bunkering;
  • Regular vessel attendances by management;
  • Risk Management;
  • Inventory of hazardous materials;
  • Contingency preparedness;
  • Housekeeping to ensure the vessel is well documented with all certificates and manuals;
  • Vessel surveyed and audited to maintain compliance with all national and international legislation;
  • Continuous development and improvement